Performance Assessment Scoring

Measurement Incorporated has led the field in performance assessment scoring for over 30 years. The handscoring of written essays was our original primary business, although our experience and capabilities have continued to expand. We offer a variety of assessment scoring technologies in addition to supporting traditional paper-and-pencil assessments.

Our reader/evaluators score more than 10 million tests annually. This volume includes evaluation of written essays; constructed-response items in language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies; and other performance assessment tasks. We have the capacity and expertise to handle a large volume of high-stakes statewide assessments and have the flexibility to apply the scoring criteria and standards demanded by each unique client.

Reliable results are assured by conducting rangefinding sessions with the client to define the range of score points; recruiting qualified scoring staff; providing them with thorough training and high-quality training materials; and conducting multiple readings of the student responses by independent scorers and then comparing and analyzing score data.

Our scoring staff consists of 30 full-time professionals (project managers and assistants) as well as hundreds of seasonal scorers, team leaders, and scoring directors at each of our 10 scoring centers. Our staff has expertise in a wide variety of fields, and many are former teachers. We are experts at establishing new or temporary scoring centers in the client’s choice of location. On numerous occasions we have had the opportunity to work with states and districts to train local educators to score constructed-response items and performance tasks as part of their standards-based summative and formative assessment systems.

Scanning and Machine Scoring

MI makes use of several NCS/Pearson scanners in collecting demographic information and selected-response answers from student test booklets. The equipment is also used in capturing the scores assigned by our reader/evaluators in paper-and-pencil performance assessments. Net production rate at our headquarters is in excess of 17,500 sheets scanned per hour, with additional scanners used at each of our other scoring centers.

MI also utilizes imaging technology to collect student data. Imaging technology permits online scoring plus the ability to provide clients with images of student documents to facilitate storage and retrieval. All imaging is accomplished at the corporate offices in Durham, NC, through the use of state-of-the-art BancTec® IntelliScan® XDS color scanners. Net production rate is in excess of 79,200 sheets imaged per hour.

Score results are delivered to the client through a variety of secure reporting methods.