Measurement Incorporated's Writing Sites Release New Features

August 2, 2016

MI's writing sites - PEG Writing, NC Write, Utah Compose, and PEG Writing Scholar - were all recently updated with new features. We are excited to announce the following upgrades:


  • Student writers can now revise their essays even after they have used the Format and Finalize features. Essay formatting and finalization can also be enabled or disabled by prompt.
  • Students can easily see the number of characters in their essay as they type.
  • Constructed Response reports are now available for students and teachers.
  • NEW ADVANCED OPTION IN PROMPTS: Teachers can now add words to the Specialized Vocabulary List, which will prevent the PEG scoring engine from flagging these words as errors.
  • Choices for graphic organizers are now designated by the student's grade as well as the genre of the selected prompt.
  • New search features make it easy for teachers to find students to add to courses.


Are you a user of any of our sites? Full release notes for your program are available to users in the teacher support pages.