Online Testing and Development

MI’s browser-based, platform independent test delivery system is built to meet the security, reliability, and interoperability demands of today’s online testing environments.


MIST is a full-featured, tiered-access test delivery system that is fully interoperable with industry-standard item banking, scoring and reporting systems. Security is implemented and enforced system-wide, ensuring the confidentiality of test content and student data. Our HTML interface allows consistent delivery of traditional and innovative, interactive items across a range of devices and operating systems. The MIST application is installed as a secure browser, operating on legacy hardware as well as next generation devices.

MIST is currently used in state-level ELA, math, and science assessments; in admissions and commercial online reading assessments, and for district-level and state-level interim assessments. Used to administer millions of tests in thousands of schools across the US as well as internationally, MIST provides a comprehensive testing solution for your varying needs.

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Technology Enhanced Items

We also create technology-enhanced (TE) items that offer test takers new or alternate ways of solving problems and answering questions. Technology-enhanced items contain specialized interactions which collect evidence of student understanding of curricular standards beyond what is seen within traditional selected-response (typically multiple-choice items) in a unique and effective ways. We work effectively with our clients to determine what can be learned about students with technology-enhanced items that cannot be learned with other types of items. MI’s content professionals continue to push boundaries with innovative and technology-enhanced item types as they create items and tasks that are closely aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Our TE items feature animation, video, audio, various interactions and more. TE items can be developed for any subject area: English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.

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