Measurement Incorporated’s Classroom Assessment (MICA)

MICA is an interactive formative assessment tool for teachers and students in grades 3-12. Teachers can create online assessments by selecting from a rich bank of high-quality test items measuring the Common Core State Standards for English/Language Arts and Mathematics through a variety of interactive question formats. In North Carolina, science items matching the North Carolina Essential Science Standards will also be available. With MICA’s focus on differentiating levels of student performance, teachers can customize their instruction for the needs of individual students or groups of students.

Teacher-created Assessments

MICA lets teachers quickly create tests to assess how well students have learned the material in an instructional unit or determine if students are moving toward acquisition of standards-related knowledge. Assessment results can then be used to guide interventions and help to ensure student mastery. MICA’s assessment creation tool draws on MI’s bank of over 20,000 test items in different formats, including multiple-choice, constructed response, and technology-enhanced items.

Innovative Scoring Systems

MICA’s flexible scoring system balances speedy reporting with hands-on teacher involvement. Incorporating automated machine scoring for multiple choice and technology-enhanced items, MICA also supports teacher scoring of constructed response items. The scores produced through the system are instantly merged to create a unified score report. 

Interactive Lessons

In addition to creating assessments, teachers can use lessons provided by MI’s educational software partners to offer group and individualized instruction. Students can be grouped within classes and lessons assigned accordingly.

Growth and Performance Reports

Our goal with MICA is to provide timely data for teachers, students, and parents, allowing teachers to create more suitable instruction for their students. Reports generated from the assessments allow students and teachers to see growth, proficiency, and progress on specific curricular standards. Students receive links to recommended lessons addressing specific instructional learning gaps based on data collected from the assessments.

Teacher and Student Communication Tools

MICA’s range of real-time communication tools – announcements from teachers to students, messages between teachers and students about lessons or assessments, and sticky notes between teachers and students about specific test items – makes formative assessment a process that directly engages both teachers and students. Through this unified engagement, MICA can help establish a classroom environment in which teachers and students become partners in the teaching and learning process.

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